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#204 White Placemats
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White Placemats 1000CT

  • Provides guests with a hygienic, professional clean look
  • Shields tables from spills and stains
  • Easily disposable for added convenience


White placemats for trays in foodservice settings serve as an elegant and practical solution, offering multiple benefits beyond mere aesthetics:

Hygiene and Cleanliness: They provide a clean, disposable, or easily washable surface that helps maintain hygiene standards, especially crucial in high-volume or fast-paced foodservice environments.

Spill Management: White placemats help contain spills and crumbs, making tray cleanup easier and preventing liquids and food particles from contaminating the tray surface.

Improved Presentation: Even on trays, the crisp, clean appearance of white placemats enhances the presentation of meals, making the food appear more appetizing and appealing to customers.