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SLP10 4.5″ Square Hinged Container 500CT
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SLP10 4.5″ Square Hinged Container 500CT

  • Clamshell design offers convenient opening and closing.
  • Barlock Mechanism ensures a secure seal to protect contents.
  • Square footprint provides stable stacking and efficient storage.


This square hinged container, eco-friendly by design, is a sustainable packaging solution for restaurants looking to minimize their environmental impact while offering convenience to their customers. Made from biodegradable or compostable materials, these containers provide a sturdy and leak-proof option for takeout and delivery meals, ensuring food stays fresh and presentable. Their hinged design seals in freshness and prevents spills, enhancing customer satisfaction. By choosing eco-friendly square hinged containers, restaurants can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, attract eco-conscious customers, and reduce their carbon footprint, all while maintaining efficiency and high-quality service.