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#138 Sandwedge Triangle Plastic Container
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Sandwedge Triangle Plastic Container 250CT

  • Maximized space utilization
  • Portion control (perfect size for sandwiches)
  • Innovation presentation (in the shape of a triangle sandwich)


This Sandwedge triangle plastic container is a good option for sandwiches.

Dimensions: 6.63″ L x 3.56″ W x 3.52″ H

Maximized Space Utilization: A triangular container aligns perfectly with the common practice of cutting sandwiches diagonally, ensuring a snug fit that minimizes wasted space. This precise fit can help prevent the sandwich from moving around during transport, reducing the risk of it becoming squished or disassembled.

Portion Control: For those mindful of their food intake, a triangular container naturally accommodates half a sandwich, which can aid in portion control without the need for additional cutting or repackaging.

Innovative Presentation: The unique shape can be more visually appealing and stand out among the typical rectangular or square containers, potentially attracting more customers if the product is for commercial use.