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PP206 6×9 Rectangle Hinged Container 150CT
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PP206 6×9 Rectangle Hinged Mineral Filled Polypropylene Container 150CT

  • Resists moisture and grease
  • Compatible with hot and cold items
  • Secure snap-lock closure


The rectangle hinged plastic container is a versatile and efficient packaging solution for restaurants, offering a clear view of the food inside while keeping it securely sealed and fresh. Its durable design is perfect for a variety of menu items, from sandwiches and bakery buns to pastas and desserts, facilitating safe transport for takeout and delivery services. The hinged lid ensures ease of use, reducing the risk of spills and maintaining food integrity during transit. By incorporating rectangle hinged plastic containers, restaurants can enhance customer convenience, improve food presentation, and streamline packaging processes, making it an essential choice for modern, customer-focused foodservice operations.