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CM 61-E 6x6x2.8 Square Hinged Hinged Mineral Filled Polypropylene Container 250CT

  • Rigid and stable plastic structure
  • Good heat resistance
  • Strong container barrier properties


6 inch square hinged mineral filled propylene container used for takeout options. This type of container has some benefits over other types of plastic containers:

Improved Rigidity and Strength: The addition of mineral fillers to polypropylene enhances the rigidity and strength of the container, making it more durable and resistant to cracking or breaking under stress.

Better Heat Resistance: Mineral-filled polypropylene containers typically have better heat resistance than many other plastics, making them suitable for applications involving higher temperatures.

Enhanced Barrier Properties: The incorporation of minerals can improve the barrier properties of the container, offering better protection against moisture, gases, and other external factors.

Reduced Shrinkage and Warping: The addition of minerals can reduce the shrinkage and warping of polypropylene during the cooling process after molding, resulting in more dimensionally stable products.