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#141 8 oz round deli container
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8oz Plastic Round Container w/ Lid 240CT

  • Perfect for noodle soups, sauces and deli products
  • Lid prevents spills and leaks during transit
  • Clear design allows for easy product identification
  • Dishwasher safe and recycable


The 8oz Round Container is a versatile and essential tool for any restaurant or foodservice operation, designed to streamline the storage, transport, and serving of meals. Ideal for a wide range of culinary applications, this container is perfect for smaller salads, soups, and small takeout items, offering a generous capacity that meets both in-house and takeout needs. Its durable construction ensures that food remains secure and at the desired temperature, whether hot or cold. The tight-sealing lid prevents leaks and spills, maintaining the integrity of the dishes during delivery or while on display. Transparent materials enhance product visibility, simplifying inventory management and improving customer satisfaction by showcasing the freshness and quality of the contents. Dishwasher-safe and recyclable, the 8 oz Round Container is a practical, eco-friendly choice for businesses committed to providing top-notch service while minimizing their environmental impact.