#173 1-6 Thank you Plastic T Shirt Bag zoom


#173 1-6 Thank you Plastic T Shirt Bag
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1-6 Size Happy Face T-shirt Bag 180 Count

  • Constructed from sturdy high-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE)
  • For to go and restaurant take out orders


The 1/6 Happy Face T-shirt bag brings a touch of joy and friendliness to restaurant takeout and delivery services. Its eye-catching design with a cheerful happy face enhances customer satisfaction, making every meal pickup or delivery a more pleasant experience. Durable and convenient, with comfortable handles for easy carrying, this bag is not only practical but also reinforces a positive brand image. Ideal for all types of food establishments, it’s an eco-conscious choice, being reusable and recyclable, that helps restaurants stand out while promoting a happier, greener service.