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6 inch Uncoated Paper Plates 1000CT

  • Sturdy 100% uncoated construction, recyclable for a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Versatile size for treats like baked goods, cake, or pizza.
  • Classic standard and versatile white color, easy disposal after use.
  • Uncoated paper plate


Enjoy the convenience and versatility of our affordable 6 inch white uncoated paper plates, designed to make your dining or serving experience smoother and more enjoyable. These plates are not just budget-friendly, but they also boast a lightweight design that makes them incredibly easy to use for various occasions, whether you’re hosting a large gathering, a casual picnic, or simply need a quick solution for everyday meals.

Our white uncoated paper plates are perfect for all types of food, providing a clean and simple backdrop that lets your culinary creations shine. They’re ideal for catering events such as birthday parties, barbecue cookouts, and office events. The plates are designed to be sturdy enough for a range of uses while remaining disposable for easy cleanup, allowing for foodservice focus on other tasks at hand.