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#6-11 Brown Eggs
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XL Brown Loose Eggs 30DZ

  • Bulk Purchase allows extra large eggs to be economical
  • Standard 30 dozen packaging allows for time saving and efficiency over smaller quantities.
  • Produced by brown-feathered hen
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Brown Eggs are produced by hens with brown feathers, whereas White eggs are produced by hens with white feathers.

Extra Large Brown Loose 30 dozen eggs, packed 30 at a time, offer these types of benefits to its buyer:

Bulk Purchasing: Buying eggs in such bulk significantly reduces the cost per egg, offering better value for money compared to purchasing individual dozens.

Consistent Supply: Having a large quantity ensures a consistent supply, reducing the frequency of purchasing trips and ensuring that eggs are always on hand for recipes and meals.

Efficiency: For businesses, having a large supply of eggs enhances kitchen efficiency, allowing for smooth operation without the concern of running out of essential ingredients.

Reduced Packaging: Buying in bulk can reduce the amount of packaging waste compared to purchasing many smaller packages, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Time Saving: Less frequent shopping for eggs saves time, allowing individuals or businesses to focus on cooking or other tasks.