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Organic Jumbo Brown 12DZ

  • Puglisi Jumbo Brown Organic Eggs with USDA organic label.
  • From uncaged hens.
  • Hens can move freely indoors and have outdoor access.
  • Fed with organic feed.
  • No conventional pesticides or fertilizers in feed
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Established in 1950 by Emanuel “Manny” Puglisi and his wife Mary, Puglisi Egg Farms has evolved from its modest origins into a notable family-run enterprise, specializing in the production and distribution of fresh eggs. This thriving business, with locations in Howell, NJ, and Middletown, DE, expanded its offerings in 2019 to include organic eggs, with this Organic Jumbo Brown 12 dozen offering.

Eggs that have the USDA’s organic label are from hens that aren’t kept in cages. This means that chickens can move around inside their homes and go outside too. They eat organic food, which means their feed doesn’t have the usual pesticides or fertilizers.