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Southern Breeze Iced Tea
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Southern Breeze Iced Tea Bag 1oz/96bags

● Crafted from orange pekoe and pekoe cut black tea leaves

● Completely natural ingredients

● Each bag brews 1 gallon of refreshing iced tea

● Offers a deep and rich flavor experience



Southern Breeze Iced Tea Bags, which use pekoe tea leaves, contains natural ingredients and provides a good solution for iced drinks on the go. Some of the benefits of the Southern Breeze Iced Tea bag include:

Consistency: Each 1 oz tea bag is pre-measured, ensuring that every batch of iced tea has a consistent flavor and strength, which is particularly important in commercial settings or when serving guests.

Cost-Effective: Buying tea in larger bags can be more economical than purchasing multiple smaller bags, especially for businesses or individuals who consume iced tea frequently.

Variety and Versatility: 1 oz iced tea bags are available in a wide range of flavors and blends, allowing for variety and customization of the beverage offerings.