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#70 3in tart pan
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3″ Aluminum Baking Cup Tart Pan 2000CT

  • Perfect for bakeries, cafes, restaurants, and catering services, offering easy cleanup with disposable design.
  • Exceptional heat retention and even heat distribution for perfectly baked goods.
  • Ideal for baked items like egg tarts, pies, cheesecakes, and fruit part.


The 3″ Aluminum Baking Cup Tart Pan is a versatile baking essential designed for both professional and home kitchens. Perfect for creating delicious tarts, cheesecakes, and pies, its compact size ensures even baking and beautiful presentation of individual servings. Made from durable aluminum, this pan conducts heat efficiently, resulting in perfectly baked crusts every time. Its disposable nature offers the convenience of easy cleanup, making it ideal for busy bakeries, catering events, and family gatherings. The lightweight design also makes it easy to store and transport, ensuring that your culinary creations look and taste their best. Whether for special occasions or everyday baking, this aluminum tart pan enhances the baking experience by combining practicality with elegance